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The Loveshade Family™
"1000 Blank White Cards is a party game played with cards in which the deck is created as part
of the game. Though it has been played by adults in organized groups worldwide, 1000 Blank
White Cards is also described as well-suited for children in
Hoyle's Rules of Games. Since any
game rules are contained on the cards (rather than existing as all-encompassing rules or in a
rule book), 1000 Blank White Cards can be considered a sort of nomic. It can be played by any
number of players and provides the opportunity for card creation and gameplay outside the
scope of a single sitting. Creating new cards during the game, dealing with previous cards'
effects, is allowed, and rule modification is encouraged as an integral part of gameplay."
"The rules of 1KBWC
are simple: each
player draws five
cards to start. On
each player's turn,
they may draw a card
and play a card (often
on top of another
card). That's it.

"The game 1000 Blank White Cards (1KBWC or BWC) was inspired in the 1990s when Nathan
McQuillen saw a woman in a cafe' making flash cards.  Nathan and others then developed the game,
largely in the Hotel Washington cafe' (declared an Ek-sen-trik Discordian shrine after it was
destroyed by fire).  Like Calvinball, the game has no formal rules.  There are generally house rules,
but these may sometimes be overruled by the cards played.  The point is not to win (which happens
more or less randomly), but to have fun

-- "1000 Blank White Cards,"
Ek-sen-trik-kuh Discordia: The Tales of Shamlicht
1) Each player starts with blank cards

2) On each card, put a title, picture,
and description (often points and/or an

3) Shuffle/mix cards (including cards
from previous games)

4) Deal cards upside down (usually 5
to a player); put the rest in the Draw
5) On a player's turn, play a card on
one player (including oneself) or on all
players (place in center); repeat as

6) Put nullified cards in Discard Pile

7) At the end of your turn, draw cards
from Draw Pile to keep a minimum

8) When the Draw Pile is exhausted,
game ends.  High score is the winner.
Simplied Rules
"THE STORY, if anybody is remotely interested, is extremely simple. I was sitting at the Cafe one day, musing, staring off into space, across the room, past
the booth, where a woman sat making flash cards. As my no doubt fatigued, caffeinated brain tried to find some good or wholesome thing to cling to, it lit
instead on the wording on her box of cards. It read, 1000 BLANK WHITE CARDS. I read it as the GAME of 1000 Blank White Cards, and therein was born..."

-- Nathan McQuillen